[R-sig-ME] adaptive gaussian quadrature algorithm for unit-lindley glmm

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Sun Jun 9 16:23:01 CEST 2019

Have a look at the GLMMadaptive package that also allows you to define your own mixed model:



From: HATICE T KUBRA AKDUR <hkubrasenol using gmail.com<mailto:hkubrasenol using gmail.com>>
Date: Sunday, 09 Jun 2019, 12:24
To: R-sig-mixed-models using r-project.org <R-sig-mixed-models using r-project.org<mailto:R-sig-mixed-models using r-project.org>>
Subject: [R-sig-ME] adaptive gaussian quadrature algorithm for unit-lindley glmm


I recently have worked on a unit-lindley distribution and its mixed
regression model. There is no R library and ready function to obtain MLEs
of regression parameters. As far as I investigate, I should use adaptive
gaussian quadrature algorithm to obtain MLEs of regression parameters when
random effect included in the model.

However, I could not understand how to implement gaussian quadrature
algorithm for unit-lindley mixed regression model.

May you provide me gaussian quadrature algorithm source code for any mixed
model if you have it? Then I can adapt this algorithm to my case,

Thank you very much in advance,

Best Wishes,

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