[R-sig-ME] compare a neighbourhood value with the city mean - test of significance in presence of spatial autocorrelation

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Hi Thierry,

Thank you so much! I looked at the BYM model, which I have not used before. I need to be able to create a table with all the neighbourhoods in the dataset, indicating whether they are significantly over or under the city value. I am not sure how to test these differences.

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Dear Dani,

What I would do is create a graph indicating which neighbourhoods are directly connected to each other (share a border). And use this information to fit a Besag-York-Mollier model which takes care of the auto-correlation among the neighbourhoods. For an example see

You can find the INLA package at http://www.r-inla.org<http://www.r-inla.org/>

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Op ma 3 jun. 2019 om 01:50 schreef dani jones <orchidn using live.com<mailto:orchidn using live.com>>:
Hi everyone,

I have a dataset with all neighbourhoods in a city and a value for each neighbourhood (a rate). I would like to be able to create a vizualization that enables the user to select individual neighbourhoods and find out whether the value of that neighbourhood is significantly higher or lower than the city average across all neighbourhoods (I have a value that was calculated for the city). Given that the neighbourhoods are contiguous areas composing the city, there is spatial dependency, so I cannot use z scores or apply other classical statistics test since the observations are not independent and spatial autocorrelation might exist.

I am not sure what test to apply to achieve this. Any help and links to potential readings would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much!



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