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Dear Cesko,

Do you suggest this approach? (see attached table with a subset of three larvae ct1,ct2 and ct3)

new<-gam(list(ct1~s(WDS,k=3)+cros4,ct2~s(WDS,k=3)+cros4,ct3~s(WDS,k=3)+cros4),data=linrathen,method="REML",family = mvn(d=3))

where WDS is temperature of water, cros4 is a crossbasis object to look at the lagged effect (lag=240, means 10 days)

I have these problems:

I have each sampling days ca. 30 larvae: means that mvn(d=30)?

Given that in the three different sampling days the individuals are different I am assuming that in the same column the individual is the same.

I hope to be clear, if you need other info just ask.

Many Thanks


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Dear Matteo,

Since you are using GAMs anyway, have you considered using gam() with family='mvn(2)'?


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Dear all,

I�m new in the mailing list. I�m coning to you for a problem on how approach my data:

I have a time series of Water temperature from 06-06-2017 to 28-07-2017, 1 value each hour. In the same period the 10\06, 02/07 and 25/07 were sampled larvae from the river and teste for thermotolerance. So each sampling day I have a different number of larvae with different thermotolerances. Working with GAM there are evidence of a trend in thermotolrence, given the high variability in each sample day.

What I want to do is to create a model that look at the impact of water temperature (also lagged values) on the thermotolerance.

Until now I�ve ever worked  with mgcv and dlnm package in hydraulics, but it�s the first time with this kind of data.
I don�t know how to build a model, given that I have water temp. value in a different scale (hourly) and a multiple response in my Y (CT-thermotolerance).
The next step will be to preform a mixed model to test differences in natural site and artificial (this experiment was done in different lake).
Any suggestion is welcome!


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