[R-sig-ME] [FORGED] Re: nlmer and the binomial distribution.

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Sun Feb 10 22:07:48 CET 2019

Thanks to Ben Bolker and Kenneth Knoblauch for their replies.  I have 
already investigated the "repeated" package --- and got some mileage out 
of it, thanks to the assistance of the maintainer, Bruce Swihart.

I was not entirely satisfied with the results, since the software in the 
"repeated" package only accommodates a "random intercept", and there is 
evidence from investigating the more standard models that can be fitted 
using glmer() that a random *slope* is needed as well.  Bruce has said 
that he *may* be able to incorporate the "random slope" idea, in a sense 
that I can make precise in the context of the particular non-linear 
model that I have in mind.  However it is slowly dawning on me that 
making this modification is probably an overwhelmingly difficult task.

I guess that I was naïve in thinking that nlmer might handle it for me.


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