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Op vr 18 jan. 2019 om 02:11 schreef Vinicius Maia <
vinicius.a.maia using hotmail.com>:

> Hi folks!
> When running a gamm and seing its plots I found the residuals locations
> are shifted , I presume its because the gam smooth is fitted after  taking
> the random effects into account (obviously). But I am not understanding how
> its possible to change data points location in these plots. The same is
> valid for the lmer, I usually plot the fitted line whith the residuals, but
> I have never seen this discrepancy in points positions with the fitted line
> before. I would appreciate if anyone could clarify what is happening.
> Plots are attached
> codes:
> a) mod1=gamm(y1_r_prop~s(areia), random =
> list(area=~1,chave=~1),data=dadosest)
> plot(mod1$gam,residuals=TRUE,pch=1.3,shift = coef(mod1$gam)[1])
> b) mod2=gamm(y1_r_prop~s(areia), random =
> list(chave=~1),method="ML",data=dadosest)
> plot(mod2$gam,residuals=TRUE,pch=1.3,shift = coef(mod2$gam)[1])
> c) mod3=gamm(y1_r_prop~s(areia), random =
> list(area=~1),method="ML",data=dadosest)
> plot(mod3$gam,residuals=TRUE,pch=1.3,shift = coef(mod3$gam)[1])
> d) mod4=gam(y1_r_prop~s(areia),method="ML",data=dadosest)
> plot(mod4,residuals=TRUE,pch=1.3,shift = coef(mod4)[1])
> e) plot(y1_r_prop~areia)
> curve(18.3048+-2.2142*x,add=TRUE) # coefficients from a lmer with both
> area and chave random effects
> Thank you all!
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