[R-sig-ME] Estimated dependent variable in GL(M)Ms

Roy Averill-Murray roy@verillmurr@y @ending from gm@il@com
Fri Jan 11 19:57:13 CET 2019

How does one estimate beta parameters and appropriate SEs when the
dependent variable consists of estimated values with known variances? My
case involves modeling factors affecting animal home ranges that were
estimated separately (i.e., individual home ranges are the dependent
variable, each of which has its own variance). I found the paper by Lewis
and Linzer (2005. Estimating regression models in which the dependent
variable is based on estimates. Political Analysis 13:345-364), which
describes feasible generalized least squares, but I have been unable to
find R code for this or a description of how to apply it in nlme, lme4,
glmmTMB, etc.

Thanks for any help,
Roy Averill-Murray

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