[R-sig-ME] Glmm for positive count data

Naima M. m@di671 @ending from hotm@il@com
Mon Jan 7 19:29:17 CET 2019

Dear all

I  have a positive count data response which I fitted with glmer and Poisson distribution (all worked well with no convergence problem in lme4).
Recently, I realized that Truncated Poisson distribution may be more appropriate for my data since there is no zeros in my responses and tried to fit Truncated negative count distribution (I used truncated negative binomial because my models were overdispersed), but I have many issues with convergence and the run time is very slow using glmmTMB or glmmADMB.
I'm wondering if I can keep my first models (glmer with Poisson), even if my data is positive?



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