[R-sig-ME] Additive random effects un lme

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Wed Sep 19 19:33:35 CEST 2018

Hi everybody!

Additive random effects in lme

I�m working with lme() R function. I want to fit the following model y=u+A+B+e (where y is the response variable, u the general mean, A and B two categorical variables, and e the error term) but using only u as an fixed effect (so A and B must to be random effects but with additive response). How I can specify this model in lme function?

At moment, I was found this manner:

lme(y~1, random= ~1|A/B, data)

But the problem is that, according to the documentation of nlme package, that sintaxis will to fit an nested model of B nested on A.

In my case y are several biometrics variables of a crop, A are environments and B are genotypes. The term e will to include the interaction between A and B. Also, the error term is spatially correlated (I use the correlation argument for clean this effect).

Thanks you for your help!

Best regards,

Mat�as A. Castillo Moine

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