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Hi Dani,

I don’t know much about GAM but I know you can look at the plots for fitted model results to check if there is any curvature. You can use the following code:

par(mfrow = c(1,3))


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    Hi everyone,
    I have a question about a GAM model where I included three non-parametric terms. I obtained the results below. can I conclude that the associations were in fact linear and run a final GLM model without including splines? To me it seems unnecessary to include splines in the final model. How should I report these results?
    # Approximate significance of smooth terms:
    #                 edf Ref.df Chi.sq p-value
    # s(x1)      1.61   2.01   1.17   0.550
    # s(x2)      1.00   1.00   0.00   0.955
    # s(x3)      1.00   1.00   4.61   0.032 *
    Thank you very much,
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