[R-sig-ME] glmmadmb_problem: "sd.est not defined for this family"

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If you�re interested, you could also give a try in the GLMMadaptive package that can also fit zero-inflated and two-part/hurdle models under maximum likelihood using the adaptive Gaussian quadrature rule.

For more info check: https://drizopoulos.github.io/GLMMadaptive/articles/ZeroInflated_and_TwoPart_Models.html


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Date: Saturday, 25 Aug 2018, 9:38 PM
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Subject: [R-sig-ME] glmmadmb_problem: "sd.est not defined for this family"

Hi, dear all.
When fitting models with glmmadmb, I'm encountering the following problems:
I've fitted "mymodel" using glmmadmb with family="troncnbinom1";
the model fits, but with the following warning:
"In eval(substitute(expr), data, enclos = parent.frame()) :
  sd.est not defined for this family"
summary() shows correctly the outputs, but residuals(mymodel) gives only
the same problem occurs when family="troncnbinom"
I've fitted "mymodel2" using glmmadmb, with family"poisson"; it has fitted
well(without neither error, nor warning)
but, plot.glmmadmb() sent  "couldn't see function plot.glmmadmb";
in add, VarCorr(mymodel2) is giving me only intercepts variance, although
I've included random slope in the model.
Taking a look at the "troubleshooting" session of "glmmadmb_manual" did not
help me solving these problems.
In advance, thanks for your helps.
Kind regards,

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