[R-sig-ME] GLMM for proportions

Crump, Ron R@E@Crump @ending from w@rwick@@c@uk
Wed Jun 6 17:44:44 CEST 2018

> Thanks Thierry for this advice. Yes I was aware of this. Actually, the
> data were obtained by analysing videos frame by frame. The video's
> resolution was such that each frame "duration" is considered to be
> 0.04s. My first advice to the biologists was to use the numbers of
> frames for both number of success and failure. They did not want this
> because they want to speak (and analyse) in term of real duration.
> Hence, using ms instead of frames is multiplying the number of attemps
> by 4.

It seems more like a set of different time-series (one for each video) with
(0,1) data at each point (frame within video) rather than one observation
per video. So some random effects to model video and time? Auto-correlation
(does that work in a logistic GLMM?)? Random (video) intercepts? Plus some
other stuff.


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