[R-sig-ME] GLMM power analysis

Louise Heitzmann louise.heitzmann at etu.umontpellier.fr
Tue Mar 20 15:24:19 CET 2018


I am working on seals' behaviour related to 6 treatments (2*3 treatments tested seperately over time). My response variable is a counting (number of nasal openings) which follow a Poisson Distribution. 

The experimental design is : 

2 seals' individuals in a box, there is 7 box, and experiments are repeated during 7 days. Each pair of individuals are tested in their specific box, but not all pairs are tested every day : sometimes only 5 pairs . Thus, I have between 6 and 10 repeated mesures per individual per treatment and I have a nested (Box,Individuals) and crossed (Days) design. 

My model looks like : y = β0 + β * Treatment + ( 1|Box/individus) +(1|Days) 

I want to do a power analysis to test the ability to detect a true effect. Thus, I was wondering how can I make a power analysis related to my model ? 

Thank you for considering my request, 
Louise heitzmann 

Master degree - Evolutionary Biology & Ecology - 2nd year 
Faculté des Sciences, Montpellier 

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