[R-sig-ME] GLMM - selection of models

Marcos Monasterolo mmonasterolo at agro.uba.ar
Thu Mar 16 22:15:11 CET 2017

Dear all. I am working with a GLMM in the lme4 package using 6 fixed
factors and 1 random factor (plot). The syntax of my model is as follows:

 M1 <- glmer(riquinsec~  adjacent field+ exph200+db500+exph500+db200+width+
(1|plot), data = comuni1, family = poisson)

I need to make a selection of models to get rid of non relevant variables,
but the "step" function in lme4 is not appropriate for GLMM models.
Which function can I use for a selection of models in GLMM?

Thanks in advance for you kind help.

Biól. Marcos Monasterolo
Becario doctoral - Cátedra de Botánica General, Facultad de Agronomía, UBA

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