[R-sig-ME] question on lme4

Belinda Pletzer belinda.pletzer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 15:24:48 CET 2017

Dear Dr. Bolker,

I am writing to you with a question regarding linear mixed effects models
in R, since you are listed as the maintainer for the lme4 package. I've
been using both nlme and the lme4 package for my models and have now for
the second time encountered a reviewer who insisted on the calculation of
standardized effect sizes like d, r or beta for the fixed effects in my

I've already spent hours on the internet trying to figure out a way to do
so, but all I found were some approximations to calculate R²-like measures
for the whole model, but not for each effect separately and as far as I
understood all the literature I've found, it is not advisable to attemt the
calculation of standardized effect sizes in lme's, but I might be mistaken.

Do you know of any way to do something like that with your package, or
could you otherwise point me towards someone who knows an other way or
towards some literature that might help in responding to this reviewer?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,
Belinda Pletzer

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