[R-sig-ME] "varFunc" classes

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Hi Dan (nice to see you on this list),

Pinheiro and Bates (2000) covers the nlme package, which was ported to R. So, the book is just as much about S/S-Plus as it is about R.

If you are fitting linear mixed-effects models, then you can do that with the lme() function from nlme or the lmer() function from lme4 (and various other packages). Only lme() supports the various varFunc classes, so you should use that.


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> Dear lme4 authors,
> I am sure you are very busy so I will just ask my question very quickly.
> I was reading the book "Mixed-effects models in S and S-plus" by Pinheiro
> and Bates. On the top of page 208 of this book, there is a Table 5.1 that
> implements various "varFunc" classes. One of these classes would seem to
> be what I need for my data: varIdent - different variances per stratum. I
> do know that different subets in my data have very different variances
> you see, so I would need to include this.
> However this book relates to S-plus and I am not sure if this has been
> implemented in R, in the glmer package? My data are continuous so I would
> just need this for lmer (and not glmer). If it has not been implemented
> is there any "workaround"?
> Thanks in advance for any advice, Dan Jackson
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