[R-sig-ME] "varFunc" classes

Dan Jackson dan_476 at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 09:48:44 CET 2016

Dear lme4 authors,

I am sure you are very busy so I will just ask my question very quickly. I
was reading the book "Mixed-effects models in S and S-plus" by Pinheiro and
Bates. On the top of page 208 of this book, there is a Table 5.1 that
implements various "varFunc" classes. One of these classes would seem to be
what I need for my data: varIdent - different variances per stratum. I do
know that different subets in my data have very different variances you see,
so I would need to include this.

However this book relates to S-plus and I am not sure if this has been
implemented in R, in the glmer package? My data are continuous so I would
just need this for lmer (and not glmer). If it has not been implemented is
there any "workaround"?

Thanks in advance for any advice, Dan Jackson

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