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Thanks to all those who kindly provided a swift reply to my query at the foot of this email. I am sharing Steve's reply below, as I found it particularly helpful and trust that others may also benefit. My query has now been addressed. 
Best wishes

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Convert that variable to a factor. Suppose your data frame is (cleverly) called mydata, and the variable is called PID. The following code will coerce your numerical PID variable into a categorical factor variable called PIDf. You can also just overwrite the original PID variable. 

mydata$PIDf <- factor(mydata$PID)    # Creates a new variable 
mydata$PID  <- factor(mydata$PID)    # Overwrites the original variable

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I would be most grateful for some advice in relation to the interpretation of a person identifier variable (persID, say),  in R. I would like to represent persons, as an independent variable, by a random effect. However, there are over 200 such persons. Each person is allocated a random numerical code as a unique identifier.  Currently, R is reading the identifier variable as a numeric variable. Is there a quick way of addressing this problem by recoding the variable?  (I do not wish to bin the values into category ranges; rather, I wish to avoid the numerical codes being interpreted literally.)

Many thanks


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