[R-sig-ME] Output and post-hoc comparisons for lme with splines specification of fixed effects

Gabriela Czanner g.czanner at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 4 19:38:29 CEST 2016

Dear R-users,

I am attempting to estimate a difference in damage across space (at 24
locations) for two disease types of patients (defined as a factor, 0
disease absent, 1 disease present). Examining the plots of the damage
across the 24 locations in space it appears that the damage increases then
decreases and it is best described by a spline specification like this:

model<- lme( Damage ~ bs( Location , degree=1, df=5) * Disease,
              random=~1| PatientID,

I wonder if any one can advice with my questions: How can I plot the
predicted mean profiles of the damage for the two groups? How can I make
post-hoc comparison of mean damage across the two disease groups of

I did tried many online searches but did not find a good answer. So I will
really appreciate your advice!


Gabriela Czanner, PhD
Department of Biostatistics
Department of Eye and Vision Science
University of Liverpool

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