[R-sig-ME] Multiple binary responses per ID and time

Lize van der merwe lizestats at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 15:33:39 CET 2016

Dear List, 

Please advise.    I cannot get my head around modelling this data.

Study involves 200 individuals with several (not always the same number)
dichotomous outcomes, at 10 different times.  The predictor also has several
(not the same as each other, nor the same as what the individal has at that
time-point) dichotomous outcomes for the same individuals at the the same
timepoints.  There are time-level covariates and also individual level
covariates to include. 

How do I model these?   Not even sure how to lay out the data.  

Binomial pair (x,n) outcome,  for each individual and each time and another
binomial pair for the predictor?


Lize van der Merwe


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