[R-sig-ME] Mixed Models

Jessica Witt jes-w at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 16 16:45:22 CET 2016


I’m very new to mixed modelling so please forgive me for this! I am trying to see the repeatability of a behaviour for individuals e.g. the area travelled, but I’ve also got a number of variables that could confound this so am I right in including these as fixed factors? 

Furthermore I’ve written the code but it’s not giving me anything and I’m pretty unsure what the error message means, if someone could explain to me any modifications I need in my R code to get the repeatability of area travelled that would be amazing!

areamod<-lmer(Area~1+Sex+Temp+Mass+Length+Dodgy+Tank+Order+(1|ID), data=platy, na.action=na.exclude, REML=TRUE)
fixed-effect model matrix is rank deficient so dropping 1 column / coefficient

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