[R-sig-ME] profile and/or bootstrapped CIs for GAMM random effects

John Morrongiello john.morrongiello at unimelb.edu.au
Wed Sep 2 00:51:54 CEST 2015

Hi all
I thought I'd re-post this message from last week as it may have got lost in the weekend traffic:

I'm having trouble estimating CIs for random effects (i.e. CODE) from a gamm4 model fit with a gamma distribution,
My model is:

##this returns
Error in mkMerMod(rho = environment(devfun), opt = opt, reTrms = b$reTrms,  :
  unused argument (devFunOnly = TRUE)

##this returns
Error in mkNewReTrms(object, newdata, compReForm, na.action = na.action,  :
  random effects specified in re.form that were not present in original model
Are these errors arising because I'm using a gamma distribution? Is there another way to get the random effect CIs?

I can get random effect CIs for the following model:

confint(c2$mer,method="boot")##same error message as above

Thanks for your time

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