[R-sig-ME] Residual variance for mixed effects survival analysis

Bradley Carlson carbrae at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 18:01:09 CEST 2015

I'm working on an analysis of the amount of time it takes an animal to
perform a behavior. This data is right-censored, as we stopped waiting
after 10 minutes and simply had to record "10+ minutes" for any animals
that didn't perform the behavior. The data is well suited for a Cox
proportional hazards 'survival' analysis in this regard. However, I have
multiple measurements of each individual animal (random effect) and would
like to quantify the individual repeatability of the behavior in addition
to the effect of covariates. In a typical LMM, this would be the (variance
among random intercepts) / (variance among random intercepts + residual

I can fit a mixed effects survival analysis in the package 'coxme'. It
provides a random effect variance, but no residual variance. Is it
possible, given the mechanics of fitting an ME survival analysis, to get a
residual variance?

Thank you in advance!


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