[R-sig-ME] MCMC model selection reference

emeline mourocq emeline.mourocq at uzh.ch
Wed Aug 12 13:00:54 CEST 2015

Dear Jarrod,


In your previous comment about DIC you said : "For non-Gaussian data I never
use DIC, and have seriously considered removing it from MCMCglmm." What is
then the alternative(s) you suggest to use to do model selection using
MCMCglmm for non-Gaussian data?


I am asking because I am investigating the effect of several predictors on a
binary one-inflated response variable using MCMCglmm and was planning to do
model selection based on delta DIC of model with and without the predictor
of interest.


Would you have a recommendation for "a best method" to use to do model
selection in my case?


Best regards





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