[R-sig-ME] about the glmer function

lme4 maintainer bbolker at gmail.com
Tue May 20 20:32:38 CEST 2014

  [forwarding to r-sig-mixed-models]

  This is an unfortunate limitation of the current version of lme4.  You
could try lme4.0, which did allow AGHQ on vector-valued random effects,
or wait until we can find enough resources to (re)implement this
feature. (Or fit your model in MCMCglmm, or live with the Laplace
approximation, or ...)


    Ben Bolker

On 14-05-20 12:29 AM, Anıl AKTAS SAMUR wrote:
> Dear LME4 Authors,
> My outcome variable is binomial, and I have 11 independent variables and
> a time variable. The time variable has different slopes, so I fixed it
> to |time-before| and |time-after|. I used the |lme4| package (the
> |glmer| function). I have a random intercept and two random slopes. I
> created my model like this:
> |m3.glmm <- glmer(y ~ timebefore + timeafter + x1 + x2 +...+ x11 + (1+timebefore+timeafter|id),
>              data = data, family = binomial (link="logit"), nAGQ=3)|
> When I used this model, I had this error:
> |Error in updateGlmerDevfun(devfun, glmod$reTrms, nAGQ = nAGQ) :
> nAGQ > 1 is only available for models with a single, scalar random-effects term|
> Could you please explain how to fit (or code) this model?
> Bests,
> Anil

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