[R-sig-ME] starting value setting in glmer

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Mon May 19 19:32:39 CEST 2014

  [It's admittedly a judgement call, but it is in general preferable,
  and especially if you think your problem *might* be a general one,
  to send first to the r-sig-mixed-models at r-project.org mailing list,
  where (a) the questions and answers will be visible to everyone, and
  archived publicly for future reference, and (b) someone other than
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On 14-05-19 11:39 AM, Yuanbo Song wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> I am currently using lme4.0 for my research and I really appreciated
> your and other author's contribution for this package. Unfortunately, I
> encoutered a problem about starting value setting when I used glmer
> function. I have five fixed effects and seven random effects, so I set
> my starting value as "start=list(fixef=start.fixef, theta=start.theta)",
> where start.fixef is a vector of 6 elements (including intercept and
> five fixed effects) and start.theta is a vector of 7 elements indicating
> the 7 random effects. However, I got a warning message saying:
>  In sort(names(start)) == sort(names(FL)):
>  longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length.
> I do not quite understand why I got this warning message. Did I
> misunderstand the syntax of "start = "? If so, what should be done in my
> situation.
> Thanks,
> Bob

This looks like a bug in lme4.0; at first glance it is just a
false-positive test, but on second glance (looking through the
internals of lme4.0) I'm not at all sure that I would trust
the "start" argument of lme4.0 at all for GLMMs without significant
testing on your side to ensure that it's giving sensible answers.
On a cursory glance, it looks like a lot of the code was copied
from the LMM functionality and may never have been tested properly
for GLMMs.  (It's possible that the code is cleverer than I think
and is actually working just fine ...)

  However, it looks in this case as though you're using the
syntax from lme4 >= 1.0.0 (not lme4.0 syntax): if you read the
help page for ?glmer in lme4.0 you'll see it's quite a bit different.

  More broadly, I would wonder why you're using the old version
of the package -- there *are* reasons to use it (that's why we
made it available in the first place), but I would strongly encourage
anyone doing a new analysis to use the most recent version(s) -- and
if they don't work for you for some reason, please let the maintainers
know so that we can try to resolve those issues!

    Ben Bolker

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