[R-sig-ME] Release Dates lme4 Version

Viechtbauer Wolfgang (STAT) wolfgang.viechtbauer at maastrichtuniversity.nl
Tue Mar 11 11:35:55 CET 2014

Hello All,

This is actually more of a question directly for the lme4 maintainers, but I think others may be interested as well, so I am sending this to the mailing list. I noticed that there are already versions 1.1-0, 1.1-3, and 1.1-4 of lme4 on GitHub (with some fixes/changes that I am quite keen on), while the CRAN version is currently at 1.0-6. I am just wondering whether there are any definite (or semi-definite) plans on when to release a new CRAN version (yes, I have installed the dev version from GitHub; this is more about benefitting from those fixes/changes when using a package that depends on lme4 and that is installed by users in the usual way via CRAN).

(and as usual: thanks to the lme4 maintainers for all of their hard work!)


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