[R-sig-ME] effects package with glmer function

Steve Taylor steve.taylor at aut.ac.nz
Mon Jan 14 02:16:32 CET 2013

Are you using the latest version of R and those packages?  The output of sessionInfo() would be helpful to check that.

When I run glmer() I get an object of class="mer" for which there is an effect method.  It works fine for me.

This might also be enlightening...
> methods(class='mer')
 [1] allEffects.mer* drop1.mer*      effect.mer*     extractAIC.mer* isGLMM.mer*     isLMM.mer*      isNLMM.mer*    
 [8] isREML.mer*     plot.mer        terms.mer*     

   Non-visible functions are asterisked
> methods(class='glmerMod')
no methods were found


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Hi, I´m running a model with glmer function of the lme4 package and I found
that the effect package could help me with the fixed effects graph, but I
get an error message: UseMethod("effect", mod) :  no applicable method for
'effect' applied to an object of class "c('glmerMod', 'merMod')"  I thought
that effect function could work fine with glmer function as it´s a function
from the lme4 package. Maybe I misunderstood something. Is there any other
option to get fixed effects graphs from glmer function? Maybe I should run
my model with another function? I have a nested design with a count
response variable, that´s why I choose glmer for my dataset.

Thanks in advance for your help and I apologise for my poor English
Lic. Analía V. Giménez
Facultad de Agronomía.
Av. San Martín 4453 C1417DSE
Bs. As. Argentina

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