[R-sig-ME] Likelihood

Bonitta Gianluca bbonit at tin.it
Thu Nov 29 13:19:31 CET 2012

Thank professor Ben.  I think that i had used a wrong version..
ok all work...in right mode.
Is it possible to see this function in analytical form (oh yes his 
implementation )? Because i can see that devFunOnly=TRUE will use a .Call. 
the deviance is negative twice the log-likelihood  but when i use this function
For to have likelihook function  
                                            (oh yes inverse function of dev, 
but maby for metropolis ratio ( difference in case of log transformation) i 
can use also deviance because i'm appling on the top and on the bottom of 
ratio (difference)  the same (biunivocal)transformation for likelihood 
function that is dev)

i must set REML=F in 
fm1 <- lmer(Reaction ~ Days + (Days|Subject), sleepstudy, 
My problem is that the fm1 model (or better his likelihood)  have more than 
3 params  ( vector theta labelled from lmer)  only the random intercept params 
are 18 if i dont wrong..  could be this function return the profile deviance..
sorry if i wrong the lme4 code is not "a walking" for me that i have just 
start to approach into this marvellous word .. dont schold me, i know that for 
you Ben and other developer into this list my request is silly
Sorry again for all noise 
thank list 
Best Bonitta

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