[R-sig-ME] Phylogenetic Logistic Regression + MCMCglmm

Joanna L Baker J.L.Baker at 2008.hull.ac.uk
Fri Aug 31 12:39:08 CEST 2012

Hello all, 

I am currently trying to use MCMCglmm to carry out a phylogenetic
logistic regression, with a single binary response and one or more
continuous or categorical predictors. However, I am having issues with
the phylogenetic component, 'animal', converging. This occurs when I use
different datasets, with high, moderate and low phylogenetic signal.

I have tried improper (with the expected issues), proper, and
alpha-expanded priors but these do not seem to have much effect on the
results. I should note that I have no issues with convergence when my
response is a continuous variable. 

Does anybody have a worked example with data and tree that I could use
to get started with phylogenetic logistic regression or could somebody
point me in the direction of any published work that has used the
package for such an analysis successfully? I'll much appreciate any help
with this.

Thanks again,

Joanna Baker

University of Hull

Cottingham Road


East Yorkshire

j.l.baker at 2008.hull.ac.uk


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