[R-sig-ME] problems with allocate memory with lme4 package

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Hi Andrew,

thank you for your reply. The first tips I already tried but the same error. The third is regretfully not possible with my data structure.
Because of my initial difficulties with the forum registration i did unfortunately a double posting. In the other Douglas Bates answered and he had also an idea.

Thanks again.

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> Paul
> While I'm not an expert on the lmer function you might want to try the
> following:
> 1) Check that you have a 64 bit install of R/lmer (not just 32 bit running
> on a 64 bit system)
> 2) Try extending the memory using memory.limit()
> 3) Even with a complex model, 3 million rows is quite a lot of data.
> Could this be reduced by subsampling and then using the 'removed' data for
> validation of the model?
> Regards
> Andrew
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> Hi to everyone,
> I have been trying to fit with lmer function a glmm with a binomial error
> structure. My model is a little bit complex. I have 8 continuous predictor
> variables one of them as nonlinear term, 5 categorical predictor variables
> with some three-way interactions between them. Additional I have 3 random
> effects and one offset variable in the model. Number of obs is greater than
> 3million.
> I’m working with the latest version of R 2.14.0 on a 64 bit windows
> system with 8Gb ram.
> Everything I tried (reducing model complexity, different 64bit PC with
> even more memory) nothing leads to a fitted model, always the Error occurs:
> cannot allocate vector of size 2GB.
> Is there anything I can do? I would be very grateful for any commentary.
> Paul T.
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