[R-sig-ME] Status of the development package lme4a

Matthias Gralle gralle at bioqmed.ufrj.br
Tue Apr 19 20:17:13 CEST 2011

Adam D. I. Kramer <adik at ...> writes:

> At risk of annoying people who don't want to hear about a package they can't
> use in order to help some other people be ABLE to use the package, for those
> who may be new to R-Forge and have trouble getting ahold of lme4a, here is
> the method:
> svn checkout svn://svn.r-forge.r-project.org/svnroot/lme4

Thanks for this info! I tried it out, but got "Connection refused" from svn. I
have only very limited experience with svn, so I may be missing something basic.
Do I need to create a repository first, or do I need to have a svn username for

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