[R-sig-ME] Does lmer with default family require normal distribution of IV

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Neither the response nor the covariates must be normally distributed. The assumption of normality is on the residuals of the model. Although normality is not needed for the response, if it helps to get normally distributed residuals.

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> Hi Folks,
> I have repeated measurements for each subject. The 
> DV(response variable) is "Value", a square root 
> transformation of which makes it normally distributed. The 
> IV(predictor variable) is "Delay", which is not normally 
> distributed. Then I ran a model:
> lmer(sqrt(Value)~Delay+(Delay|Subject))
> Does this model require a normally-distributed Delay?
> I feel that lmer is a linear model, so it requires normal 
> distribution of both IV and DV. Am I right?
> Thanks for your reply!
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