[R-sig-ME] GLMM linearity checking

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Thu Jun 3 18:25:43 CEST 2010

fengsj at mail.utexas.edu wrote:
> I am sorry for asking this question here. It is more related to  
> logistic regression.
> I need to use GLMM (binomial(link = "logit")) )to fit my data. The  
> dependent variable is 0 or 1 and  I'd like to do some roughly  
> graphical checkings for my data to see if the responses of  
> transformaed data are linear with respect to continuous predictors in  
> general. How should I do this?
> Thanks,

   how about

 m <- glmer(...,data=d)
 d$resid <- residuals(m)



  Non-linearity on the transformed scale will appear as a (non-flat)
pattern of the (smoothed line fitted to the) residuals as a function of
the continuous predictors ...

  Ben Bolker

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