[R-sig-ME] Problem using mcmcsamp with a model fit with lmer

Charles E. (Ted) Wright cewright at uci.edu
Wed Apr 14 19:46:22 CEST 2010

Hi -

I am new user of lme4 package so I apologize if the answer to the question 
is obvious. I have fit a model using lmer
 	fit4 = lmer(Resp ~ Stype * HidVis * SameDiff * Nfirst +
 		(HidVis|Pnum), family = binomial, data=tdat)

I would like to construct intervals on the parameters using the results of 
mcmcsamp. However, when I try to run that with the line
 	samp0 <- mcmcsamp(fit4, n=1000)

I get the error message
 	Error in .local(object, n, verbose, ...) : Update not yet written

I saw on the newsgroup awhile ago that there were problems with mcmcsamp on 
some models. Is that the problem here?

I tried updating all the packages I am using to the most recent version and 
that does not have any effect.


Ted Wright

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