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David Atkins wrote:

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> From: Stas Kolenikov <skolenik at GMAIL.COM>
> The recent issue of The American Statistician contains a pretty neat
> paper on the effective sample size and degrees of freedom in
> longitudinal studies: see
> http://www.citeulike.org/user/ctacmo/article/6129798. Highly
> recommended; there aren't that many people who understand longitudinal
> data as well as the Geert duo.

(That's G.Moolenberghs and G.Verbeke, for the lazy and uninitiated.)

The notion that the information content can be bounded as the number of 
data points go to infinity should come as no shock to anyone who has 
looked at experimental data with subsecond resolution, BTW. At the end 
of the day, you still have only five rats!

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