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This was just posted to the multilevel listserv, and I have taken a very 
quick glance.  It appears to offer an alternative form for estimating 
degrees of freedom.  It's focused on longitudinal data, and I have not 
looked closely enough to see whether it would be more generally 
applicable to mixed-models (multilevel, nested, crossed, etc.) or 
whether it would "scale up" for larger problems.

Given all the hoo-hah around dfs, thought I would at least kick it out 
to the group.

cheers, Dave

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Subject: effective sample size
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The recent issue of The American Statistician contains a pretty neat
paper on the effective sample size and degrees of freedom in
longitudinal studies: see
http://www.citeulike.org/user/ctacmo/article/6129798. Highly
recommended; there aren't that many people who understand longitudinal
data as well as the Geert duo.

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