[R-sig-ME] LME and nonlinearity?

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Another possible way to diagnose the need of a non-linear model is to use a spline then replace it with more meaningful parametric model according to its shape.


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Additional to the comments below: Think/check also whether  
transformation of one or more of the variables (log transformation?)  
makes the relationship more nearly linear.

On 10/04/2009, at 7:13 AM, Balázs Lestár wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have a mixed model (LME), but one of my explanatory variables is  
> not linearly related to the dependent variable.
> 1.)     Somebody told me, to make a 2 or 3 level factor from the  
> continuous variable. (I wouldn't prefer this)

In general, this makes poor use of the information in the data.  You  
lose power.

> 2.)     I saw in some statistical books that in these cases, I have  
> to use in the model the quadratic term of the variable. (but the AIC  
> is much greater than with the  factorized variable)
> OR
> Is that possible, to use a poly() function in the lme? (this model  
> seems to be the best, based on AIC).


> I'm a bit confused, 'cause the LME supposes linear relation between  
> variables. Isn't it right?

Linear models are linear in the parameters.  They can model highly  
nonlinear effects.

> 3.)        Do I need a non-linear model?

Only if you need a model that is non-linear in the parameters.   
Without checking out your data and model, one cannot say.

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> Which solution is the best?
> Regards,
> Balazs
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