[R-sig-ME] logistic model with exponential decay

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Sun Dec 21 01:01:24 CET 2008

Stijn Ruiter wrote:
> Dear list,
> In SAS I am using NLMIXED to estimate a logistic model that includes
> exponential decay. Since NLMIXED only allows for a single random
> statement, I would like to switch to R. Could anyone suggest how to
> estimate such a model? I cannot find a clear example for estimating
> these kinds of models with nlmer.
> I'd like to estimate a logistic model for my dichotomous dependent
> variable that includes both linear terms and EXP(-Time/Beta).
> Thanks,
> Stijn

  it sounds like


 -- i.e., a GLMM rather than a NLMM

  Ben Bolker

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