[R-meta] [meta] package query: Forest plot displaying the mean weighted effect size with and without the outliers(meta.cont)

Dr. Guido Schwarzer gu|do@@chw@rzer @end|ng |rom un|k||n|k-|re|burg@de
Wed May 24 18:09:19 CEST 2023


I have made some substantial changes to metamerge() in the development version of meta.

The following R code should provide the forest plot with the added result.

remotes::install_github("guido-s/meta", ref = "develop")

m1 <- metagen(c(8:1, 30, 50), runif(10, 2.5, 3.5), common = FALSE,
  studlab = LETTERS[1:10], sm = "MD",
  text.random = "Total (all studies)")
m2 <- update(m1, exclude = 9:10,
  text.random = "Total (without outliers)")

m12 <- metamerge(m1, m2, keep = TRUE,
  text.w.random1 = "RE-all", text.w.random2 = "RE-w/o",
  taulabel1 = "all", taulabel2 = "w/o",
  hetlabel1 = "All studies", hetlabel2 = "Without outliers")

forest(m12, sortvar = TE)

In addition, there is another function metaadd() which can be used to add some external meta-analysis results, e.g., from a Bayesian analysis, to a meta-analysis object.


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