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Mon May 22 22:36:51 CEST 2023

Hello Listserv -

I hope this note finds you well.

I am working on a multilevel meta-analysis and a reviewer asked us to
correct for statistical artifacts (e.g., measurement error).  The reviewer
cited Wiernik & Dahlke (2020) which includes some code using the metafor

I am still unclear on a couple of things related to these analyses.  First,
can one apply these analyses to nested models?  Second, one needs observed
selection-effect *u* ratios to conduct these models but I am not sure how
to get these values to consequently conduct the models.  I copied and
pasted example code from Wiernik & Dahlke (2020) below for reference.  The
"ux" and "uy" values are the selection-effect *u *ratios.

ma_results_r <-
  ma_r(ma_method = "ad",
  rxyi = rxyi,
  n = n,
  rxx = rxxi,
  ryy = ryyi,
  ux = ux,
  uy = uy,
  correct_rxx = TRUE,
  correct_ryy = TRUE,
  correct_rr_x = TRUE,
  correct_rr_y = TRUE,
  indirect_rr_x = TRUE,
  indirect_rr_y = TRUE,
  data = data_r_bvirr)

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance for your
time and energy on addressing this question.  I especially wanted to get
input from this group since these analyses are new to me.


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