[R-meta] Add risk of bias to meta's default forest plot

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Hi Jorge,

you can do this using the arguments rightcols and rightlabs (or leftcols and leftlabs). For example, take the first meta-analysis in the help file of metacont():

# Meta-analysis with Hedges' g as effect measure
m1 <- metacont(n.psyc, mean.psyc, sd.psyc, n.cont, mean.cont, sd.cont,
  data = Fleiss1993cont, sm = "SMD")
rob <- LETTERS[1:5]                                         # Only as an example
m1$rob <- rob                                                  # rob must be a part of the meta-analysis object
forest(m1, rightcols = c("effect", "ci", "w.random", "rob"), 
  rightlabs = c("SMD", "95%-CI", "Weight (random)", "Risk of bias"))

Note that the column names "effect", "ci", "w.random" are fixed names, as seen in the help of forest.meta().


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Betreff: [R-meta] Add risk of bias to meta's default forest plot

Hi All. Can anyone tell me how to add risk of bias to a meta.cont default
forest plot, without removing any of the typical information?

I was able to add it, but not without removing some other details, which I
don't want to do.

vo2 <- metacont(en  , em, esd, cn, cm, csd, study, method.tau = "REML",
prediction = TRUE, comb.random = TRUE, data = dat_vo2, sm = "MD")

            sortvar = study)

In this case, I have that information in variable "rob".

Thank you.

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