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Hi Katherine,

I would interpret it as follows:
Studies with larger SEs show a significantly larger effect size. Lager SEs mean smaller sample sizes.
Therefore, the test indicates a probable publication bias, as small studies with small (and therefore non-significant) effects are less present in your study pool.


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Hi all,

I am trying to conduct a 3-level metaanalysis using rma.mv. I've been exploring options for detecting selective reporting and was planning to use eggers test as explored in a previous email on this listerv (12/9/2020).

The instructions given by James involve including the standard error of the effect size as a moderator in rma.mv, and then applying cluster-robust standard errors using coef_test.

I conducted this analysis and the output was:
Coef. Estimate    SE       t-stat d.f. (Satt) p-val (Satt) Sig.
intrcpt    0.0657    0.175     0.375           25.2        0.711
mods   2.2255   0.826     2.693           13.5        0.018    *

I'm not sure how to interpret this. I assume the significant estimate for the mods indicates bias or selective reporting?

Does anyone have resources for how to interpret these numbers, and what to do next? I am hoping to find outliers and rerun analyses without outliers, to determine the robustness of my results.

This is new to me, so I greatly appreciate any help you can provide!!

Thanks for considering,


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