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Viechtbauer, Wolfgang (NP) wo||g@ng@v|echtb@uer @end|ng |rom m@@@tr|chtun|ver@|ty@n|
Sat Feb 4 12:03:15 CET 2023

Dear R-sig-meta-analysis Subscribers,

Due to one of the settings of the mailing list, some messages to the list have not been delivered to me and possibily some other people. This has to do with something called DMARC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMARC). I have made an adjustment to the settings for the mailing list in the hopes that this will mitigate this problem. If you notice any problems with receiving messages (comparing what you receive with the archives at https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-meta-analysis/ will tell you if messages are getting through), please let me know.


Wolfgang Viechtbauer, PhD, Statistician | Department of Psychiatry and    
Neuropsychology | Maastricht University | PO Box 616 (VIJV1) | 6200 MD    
Maastricht, The Netherlands | +31(43)3884170 | https://www.wvbauer.com    

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