[R-meta] Removing intercept for all categorical variables in a single model

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Hi John,

In short, that's not possible. An alternative might be to get the marginal
mean effects for a, b, and c (
using the new function recently added by Wolfgang to the dev version (
of metafor in conjunction with the library emmeans:

# install the dev version of metafor
# install.packages("emmeans")


# *dfs = "contain"* for potentially more conservative inference assuming
you have some random effects:
results=rma.mv(yi,vi,mods=~a+b+c, random= ..., data=datum, dfs = "contain")

grd <- emmprep(results)

emmeans(grd, ~a+b+c)

Kind regards,

On Thu, Apr 6, 2023 at 10:44 AM John Mahas via R-sig-meta-analysis <
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> Hi All,
> I am using the rma.mv function in R for a meta-analysis project where I
> have multiple categorical moderator variables. I am trying to get the
> intercept removed from these moderators, but it is only removing the
> intercept from the first moderator listed in the code (see example below).
> results=rma.mv(yi,vi,mods=~a-1+b-1+c-1,data=datum)
> If I ran the example here, it would remove the intercept for "a" but not
> "b" and "c". Is there a way I can remove the intercept for the other
> moderators as well? If so, how?
> Thanks,
> John Mahas
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