[R-meta] Help with Funnel plot

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Mon May 23 19:24:51 CEST 2022

Dear Belinda,

The docs tell you how the 'lty' arguments works:


The gradient wasn't done with any argument to funnel(). Not sure how it was added.


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>Dear Dr. Viechtbauer and Team,
>I have this question regarding funnel plot, is how to get gradient colors for the
>background like the one attached
>And again how to get different types of lines (solid vs interrupted) for the
>Reference and confidence separately. The argument "lty" do both. Using "shade"
>and "hlines" didn't help
>funnel(res, main="Duration of analegsia", back = 12, xlab="Mean difference
>(hours)", cex = 1.2,  lwd = 2, lty = "solid", mgp = c(2, 1, 0), font.main = 1,
>font.lab = 2, font.axis = 2)

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