[R-meta] Exponentiating the fixed part of rma.mv output

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Tue Mar 29 22:05:04 CEST 2022

Dear Stefanou,

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>Subject: [R-meta] Exponentiating the fixed part of rma.mv output
>Hello Wolfgang,
>I want to exponentiate the fixed part of my model below, is there a
>way to preserve the appearance of the output as in
>`coef(summary(res))` but just display all the columns in their
>exponentiated form?
>I did try `predict(res, transf = exp)` but that is not what I'm after.
>Thank you,
>## Here is my model:
>d <- read.csv("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fpqq/w/main/f.csv")
>res <- rma.mv(gi ~ teaching_level+pd_format +pd_content +
>                 training_hr +time +outcome +area +
>                 time_wk_whn +time_wk_btw +study_type,
>               V = v_gi,
>               random = ~1|study/obs,
>               data = d)

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