[R-meta] Dealing with missing data in bivariate analysis

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Mon Mar 28 12:06:09 CEST 2022

Dear Olina,

Depends a bit on what is missing. If values of predictor/moderator variables are missing, then one possibility is to use some kind of imputation technique. See, for example:



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>Dear R-sig-meta-analysts
>I have been doing bivariate meta-analysis using rma.mv(), but one of my outcomes
>has missing values and I am getting this message "Rows with NAs omitted from
>model fitting". My question is "Do we have other ways of dealing with missing
>data in meta-analysis instead of discarding rows with missing values".
>Thank you
>Olina Ngwenya
>Research Assistant
>Centre for Biostatistics | School of Health Sciences | Faculty of Biology,
>Medicine and Health | University of Manchester

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