[R-meta] Calculating odds ratios in bivariate meta-analysis.

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Mon Mar 21 11:54:14 CET 2022

Hi Olina,

escalc() is a function to compute various outcome measures / effect sizes. How these are used in further analyses is an entirely different issue. For example, in this example, a bivariate model is used with log odds as outcomes computed with escalc():



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>Dear Wolfgang
>Thank you for your response. I felt like the escalc() with measure ="OR" , is
>used for univariate meta-analysis and I thought there is another function used to
>calculate odds ratios in bivariate/multivariate meta-analysis.
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>Subject: Re: [R-meta] Calculating odds ratios in bivariate meta-analysis.
>Dear Olina,
>Not sure where exactly the problem is, but escalc() with measure="OR"
>computes log odds ratios and measure="PLO" computes log odds.
>> Hello R-sig-meta-analysis folks,
>> I am doing a random effects multivariate model (bivariate)  for binary
>> outcomes, pregnancy and live birth (similar to this analysis:
>> https://www.metafor-project.org/doku.php/analyses:berkey1998, the
>> difference is that berkey1998 outcomes are continuous). Now for
>> bivariate analysis of binary outcomes, I want odds ratios and have not
>> found the way of getting log odds and odds ratio like in the
>> univariate analysis (for example the output for rma.peto).
>> Thank you
>> Regards
>> Olina Ngwenya Research Assistant Centre for Biostatistics | School of
>> Health Sciences | Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health | University
>> of Manchester

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