[R-meta] Background on large meta analysis with RCT and single-arm studies

David Pedrosa pedro@@c @end|ng |rom @t@||@un|-m@rburg@de
Tue Mar 8 19:20:27 CET 2022

Dear list,

on our group we have performed an extensive search on treatment options 
for Parkinson's disease and we have encountered a large number of 
different trials and study types. We have managed to get reasonable 
comparisons for all RCTs providing mean-differences or before-after 
designs and we have finally used the SMD as our metric. What is left is 
the relatively large number of pre-post studies with single arm 
interventions and the non-randomised controlled trials. While the latter 
are comparatevely easy to understand and to model, we are really not 
sure about if and how to include single-arm studies. We have tried to 
look though the usual book chapters and scientific papers and we have 
also looked through the metafor documentation, but we were not very 
successful in understanding what the pitfalls would be but especially 
how an implementation could look like. If there is anyone who may guide 
us a bit or provide some useful links, that would be helpful.

Best wishes,



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