[R-meta] Exclude answer category from moderation test

Wiertsema, M. m@w|ert@em@ @end|ng |rom rug@n|
Fri Jun 24 14:20:49 CEST 2022

Hi everyone,

Perhaps a silly question, but I cannot seem to find the answer I need.
So here's my question: I have a certain variable with three answer
categories (x, y, and z). Now, I want to perform a moderation test
based on this variable but I only want to compare Y and Z in this
moderation test. Is there a way to exclude answer option 'x' in the
moderator analysis via code?
I know I can also adjust my data set and create a new variable with
only the options 'y' and 'z', but I was wondering if it could be
easier with the metafor package.

I hope anyone knows this!
Many thanks in advance!

Maria Wiertsema

PhD student | University of Groningen | Youth Studies | Grote
Rozenstraat 38 | email: m.wiertsema using rug.nl | phone: 050 - 363 3182

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